Summer of Fun

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It started on Monday for the rest of my family.  Kristal is done with homeschooling for the summer, so she’ll have the 9 and 4 y.o. boys and 3 y.o. girl every day until the end of August.  The two younger ones are out of daycare and into full-time mommy care.  She has a list of a hundred fun activities to work through and the meals/snacks planned out for the week.

Yesterday she took them to the theater for a late-morning matinee showing of <I>Charlotte’s Web</I>.  The local theater has a movie a week during the summer for the kids.  Fortunately they behaved OK.  The tiny girl is the one we usually worry the most about, as she has a short attention span and an extraordinarily hard-head.  She’s at that magical age where she wants to know the reason(s) for everything and is not shy to ask.  Every now and then she even accepts the answer you give her.

Her bad behavior got her in trouble last night.  Kristal has them (3 and 4 y.o.) going to swim lessons this week, and while we have reinforced the idea that she is there to learn how to swim and to listen to her teacher, she thinks being in the pool means playtime.  She ended up wandering off, going to her brother’s class and distracting them, and generally not listening to her teacher.  It got to the point where she was kicked out of the pool, so she put on her typical display of screaming/crying.

For some reason Kristal does not like these displays, particularly in public.  You hear parents complain about the “terrible two’s”, but it’s age 3 that seems to be more of a challenge.  They’re smart enough to know better and big enough to pull off quite a bit of shenanigans, yet it’s difficult to mold their behavior as they don’t care about consequences, or really appreciate them for that matter.

Kristal will be juggling two hard-heads (3 and 9 y.o.) with a 4 y.o. tattle-tale in the middle, and unfortunately no other playmates near their age in the neighborhood.  Of the houses around us, one is a single man, three have retired couples, one is childless and one has a youngest child of 15, though he does occasionally play outside (football, basketball, baseball, soccer) with my oldest son.

When we moved into this neighborhood I was hoping there would be more kids for them to play with, but after 7 years things have not changed all that much.  I always took it for granted when I was growing up that there would be kids within a block to goof around with, and it’s something I’d like to give my kids.  I like where I’m living otherwise, but I don’t know if it would take another move.

For now the three will somehow play together and learn how to be a family, hopefully making it a summer of fun.


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  1. The week started out OK but it was a struggle at the end. Hopefully what does not kill us will make us stronger.


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