Training Up Godly-men

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If I post this then there will be a better chance of me following through with it.  It is my intention to train my sons to be men, and to have some type of ceremony/recognition near their 12th birthday.  I’ll be using some of Raising a Modern Day Knight (by Lewis), but most of it will be training I originate. It will be something like a bar mitzvah, with the intention of building up a Christian disciple and a young man (a Godly-man) who can take care of himself in this world by his 12th birthday.  It has not been all that long ago in mankind’s history where a teenage boy went to work, learned a trade and contributed to his family’s well-being before starting his own family.  Modern day society relies too much on public institutions, such as schools, where we now have endless teenagers, 20-30 something guys who never grow up (Peter Pan syndrome).

We can wring our hands about it, and indeed there is much grief over the lost generation(s) of boys whom not much was expected so they did not succeed, or we can raise up boys to be mature men, leaders of their families and responsible for the communities they live in.  With that in mind I plan to go through with a program I call

Training Up Godly-men (TUG)

I plan to give a short lesson each Sunday night (to my now 9 y.o.) where we can go over topics such as faith, responsibility, maturity and the qualities of a Godly-man.  I will try on the following Monday to post the notes I use, so that others may benefit.  I may even get an outline together too, with background references!  I’ll stop here before I promise more than I can possibly deliver.

If anyone has suggestions, questions or just wants to chat about TUG, please e-mail me.


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  1. Great explanation. I love see clearly Marcy

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