Harvest Crusade-Raleigh: Day 3

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While we did not attend the first two days, we did attend day 3 to see Third Day.  On Sunday we dropped off Li’l Tater at Camp Flintlock, where for a week he’ll be living in 1770’s “comfort”.  It’s our first time for him being gone from home this long and fairly far away (about a 2 hr. drive).  I hope he comes back with more confidence in himself and an appreciation for the good things we enjoy now in the 21st century.

He will at least be washing his own dishes, a new experience for him.  On check-in he was assigned a small knapsack containing a metal dish and cup.  I was encouraging him to be sure and clean the plate and cup right after eating, as it gets more difficult to clean if the gunk on there gets crusty.  He told us, “Oh, the women will be cleaning them.”  After a good chuckle, both Kristal and I tried to bet him on the likelihood for that.  While we were registering the head of the camp did affirm the boys will be doing their own dishes.  I asked him to give my youngster a few extra to help give him more practice.  I don’t think Li’l Tater appreciated that.

Since my in-laws were not too far from the camp, we cajoled them into watching our two little ones while we headed up to Raleigh for Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade.  Anne Graham Lotz gave a short message after the initial praise and worship songs.  She was followed by Greg Agajenien(sp?), some fancy guitarist.  That was followed by the bucket passing, and then finally Third Day.

The guitarist guy reminded me of way back during my concert-going days.  Some warm-up acts, though they may be talented, seemed to be filler and all you wanted was the main act to come out onto the stage.  While guitarist guy only lasted two songs, Third Day was only on for four songs (24 min.).  I wish I could see them give a full concert, but it does not look like it will be this year.

 Kristal and I had seen Greg Laurie give a talk about 15 years ago, and he used the same joke Sunday as he used back then.  He talked about us having glorified bodies in heaven, but that if you look for him you need to spot the guy with a big afro (since he’s fairly bald now).  He is a gifted speaker and he gave another excellent sermon.  Unfortunately we were about five rows from the top of the auditorium on the third level across from the stage, so he was basically an “ant man”, and even the screens to the sides of the stage were slightly obstructed with stuff hanging from the rafters.

The part of the message that stayed with me is “Whose hand are you going to hold?”  Through our life, we start out holding our parent’s hands, and then gradually become independent and rely on ourselves.  For some, at the end of our lives we need the help of others to get through the day.  When we die, all of us will be reaching out.  Whose hand do you expect to find?  Nobody’s?

If you’re not in the Lord’s gentle grasp, if you don’t expect to find His hand when you reach out, then you can continue to rely on yourself and grab your other hand.  You’ll end up going in circles, though, and staying in the same spot.  He reaches out to us in love.  What a privilege it is to love him back!

Thank you Lord for your hand reaching out to us.  Forgive me when I think I know better and brush your hand away.  I love you Lord.  Amen.


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