Training Up Godly-men – Anchors

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In order to train up Godly-men, guidelines/posts/anchors to build a foundation are needed. Robert Lewis gives 3 aspects of a man in Raising a Modern-Day Knight: a Will to follow, a Work to accomplish, and a Woman to love. Rather than copy his “W’s”, I will focus on Head, Hands, Heart.

Head: How do I establish right from wrong? What influences my thinking and decision-making? Where should we go for counseling? Who’s will do I follow?

Hands: What talents do I have and how do I use them to my fullest to earn my wages? Where are those talents most effective and where does God want me to work? Who do I work for (or serve)?

Heart: How do I find the woman to share my life? What qualities should she have? How should I treat her? What is my role in the family?

As a man I need to be confident in how my faith affects my decisions, to maximize my effectiveness at my job, and love must guide my thoughts and deeds. While many of these topics can be similar to what women go through, for men the emphasis will be on leadership and the role of men in the family.

We will also discuss “childish” ways and how they need to be put aside for the Godly-man. A child mainly cares about himself, is not concerned about the future, does not need to work since everything is provided for him and changes what he “loves” as often as he changes his underwear. In particular, an understanding of love will be an essential anchor, acknowledging that the “study” of love is a life-long pursuit.

He will also be discouraged from any attempt at thinking he has women “figured out”. Good manners and acting as a gentleman should be a sufficient start when interacting with ladies. My 9 y.o. still thinks kissing girls is “gross” (he has been given the “sex talk”), but it will be good to prepare him for dating.

For those guys with dads who never went to the trouble to help you with this when you were young, take heart! Pray for strength and guidance and the Lord will richly bless you. The thought of training up your sons (and daughters) may be intimidating, but it needs to be done and you have been divinely appointed for this privilege.


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  1. I am an 18 year old middle-school youth leader and throughout my high-school years I was disturbed by the number of guys who obviously never recieved the trurth about being a Christian “man” (not just a male) and had no clue as to the meaning of things like responsibility or commitment. It has greatly encouraged me to find this blog post during my search to find ways to train my sunday school class to be warriors for Christ and has restored some my hope for the next generation.

    Thank you, and God strengthen you.

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