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It’s a little delayed, but for those just stopping in for the first time I hope you enjoy the new (but not necessarily improved) Spudlets.  Back in May 2002 I started out on Blogspot.  It was OK though had its problems (difficult to post pictures at the time, comments were 3rd party), so I opened up a Bravejournal account.  While Bravejournal made it easier to post photos and comments, it was not flexible design-wise and the servers were somewhat finicky.

I found a good deal on Netfirms for buying my own domain name and hosting at $10 for a whole  year.  After the year was up, I didn’t want to pay $60/yr. to maintain the site.  Netfirms used the WordPress blogging program and I’ve grown to like it.  WordPress also will host blogs for free.  You can pay to get more design flexibility and storage/transfer space.  I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t care too much about design as long as it’s easy to read.

 Things have been delayed as I have been dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the last 2 months.  It’s an occupational hazard, and during one difficult stretch at work I went a little overboard and am now dealing with the pain.  I can best describe it as the pain you feel when you accidentally fall asleep on your hand, where the tingling/burning sensation occurs when the blood flow is renewed. 

It happens anytime for me, though, and using a mouse/keyboard aggravates it.  The best thing I can do for it is to put my arm in a sling and not use it for a few months.  Since that is not feasible, I’ve taken other measures:  mousing with my left hand, wearing a wrist brace, cutting back on typing.

It’s the last one which is particularly not conducive to blogging, so I have to pick my spots.  I do want this blog to prominently feature my attempts at TUG:  Training Up a Godly-man.  For the next two and a half years I will be training my son.  By writing down my lessons I hope to preserve them and maybe even help other dads who want to do the same thing. 

Basically I’m working on a Christian bar-mitzvah, where he will be trained in becoming a Christian man by his twelfth birthday, with a ceremony at the end to celebrate his accomplishment.  I’ll be using some ideas from How to Raise a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis, as well as just coming up with my own outline on how to build a solid foundation of maturity, wisdom and faith for a young man.

I’ll still blog on other stuff occasionally (and maybe even on next season’s American Idol!), whatever gets me stirred up enough to put my thoughts down on pixel.  Thanks for stopping by, God bless you and y’all come back now, heah!



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  1. Wow! Like the new digs. I haven’t been paying attention – it took me a while to find you again.

    CT is no fun, and mine is much less severe than yours. Don’t overdo with the non-dominant hand and end up needing a brace there, too.

    I will be praying for your training with your son. Too many parents seem to think kids just magicly absorb this stuff. I’ll also continue to hold up the two younger kids (and Kristal, for the challenge she has this summer!).

  2. Nice new site. We should have a bloghouse warming or some such thing.
    I will pray about that carpel tunnel.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. While a bloghouse warming would be nice, I don’t know if I’d serve pigs-inna-blanket or those water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. Maybe I’ll just stick with pimento cheese sammijes (with the crust cut off, cut in triangles) and sweet tea. Let’s not forget the nanner puddin’ either!

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