Live Earth Lowlights

7/09/07 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Since the Cubs were clobbering the Bucs Saturday night, I did a little channel hopping and wandered over to LiveEarth.  Here’s my lowlights:
–  Madonna is getting close to 50 but she don’t look it.  I doubt she could get away with singing “Like a Virgin”, though.
–  It was nice to see Genesis back on stage, though they looked really old.
–  I used to have a slight amount of respect for Garth Brooks, but hearing his leftist braying at the Capitol Mall was too much.
–  Now that Leo DiCaprio is trying to go for the older look and getting away from the “baby-face”, he reminds me of a younger (and thinner) Burl Ives.
–  Alicia Keys:  easy to look at, seemed to have a nice voice except when she’s screaming/screeching.
–  Melissa Etheridge:  not easy to look at, changed channel as fast as thumb would allow.

I believe this event will go down as the big intro for the Gaia Gang to lay claim as one of the world’s top three religions:  Christian, Muslim, Eco-Nut.  AlGore kept mentioning 2 billion people on seven continents, and wouldn’t you know it they actually showed a band playing in Antarctica.  It was a “garage” band of researchers playing to penguins, but it was a concert.  Probably the funniest part of the night.

After the Cubs game was over I wandered over to the computer, so you’ll have to rely on others for any concert notes past 10 pm (EST).


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  1. Never liked Garth Brooks anyway. I consider this vindication!

    Your template looks a lot like my friend Angie’s- I’ve got to remember where I am! =]

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