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7/17/07 at 2:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Our video store (yes, I’m still one of those who still rents movies) has some recent run movies at 3 movies- 3 days- $3.75, so I got a few over the weekend. They all turned out to be pretty good, better than expected, and I would recommend them, even the R-rated one (gasp). Below is a quick review of each.

Casino Royale was not just another Bond flick. It reminded me of how Batman Returns turned around the expectations for the Batman franchise. This Bond is serious, and there’s no goofiness about the bad guys. CR is a prequel and helps explain some of his origins, to the point of showing a love interest. The language was not too bad, some violence with a little blood and the sex/nud1ty was minimal. The famous torture sequence was not as bas as expected. I liked the film because it kept your interest and had a few interesting turns. In particular, you think the movie is over at a certain point, but it’s not. 3 1/2 taters.

Lady in the Water is another semi-fantasy offering by M. Night Shamylan. Since Unbreakable is one of my all time favorites, I had to see what the wunderkind director was up to. Again he has a mythical story set in current times, where this time a water-nymph has come to the surface dwellers to warn/encourage them, in particular one person. The problem comes in when mean wolf-like creatures try to stop what she is doing. This movie is reminiscent of Signs, when the hero has to confront a difficulty from the past in order to affect the present. There were some interesting surprises in the film, and I especially liked how he “skewered” the movie critic. Don’t look for religious symbolism, but just expect some entertainment for a few hours. 3 taters.

Children of Men was “R” rated, mainly for the use of the F-word nearly every other sentence. It is set 20 years in the future, where for the last 18 years no babies have been born. Once you get past the not-so-subtle liberal messages about the dangers of anti-immigration and the “abuse” of terrorists, you can get wrapped up in the big picture: the meaning of life and what legacy we live to future generations. This movie does have some allusions to the Christ story, John the Baptist and Moses. The war scene in the last third of the movie is very realistic, and I’m sure had a few hearts pounding when shown on the big screen. 3 taters.

[I will eventually get around to a book vs. movie for Bridge to Terabithia, if I can get around to it.]


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  1. Paul’s got the Netflix queue full up, I think. He and I don’t usually love the same kinds of movies. He likes weird movies that don’t make any sense. I’m not so into that kind of movie, myself.

    It’s always cause for celebration when something like _King of the Hill_ comes to our door =] I like something to laugh at (which is why I used to waste hours at a time watching sitcoms when we had TV reception)…

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