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[Just some random stuff from the weekend …]

– I’m having mixed feelings about seeing the Tammy Faye Baker video from the day before she died. I admire her courage to give a “last testimony”, but is the image something you want as a legacy? Should it matter? I chuckle when I see pictures of people taken 40 or so years ago with their obits in the paper. It all comes down to showing the face you want others to see (if possible!).

– It has been awhile since I’ve seen such a pressure-packed putt as the one Sergio Garcia missed on the final regulation hole in the British Open. It looked like he hit it the way he wanted but it did not break as much as he thought it would. That missed putt cost him millions, but it’s not like he’s hurting for money or anything like that.

– There seems to be more stories in the paper (and elsewhere) about the rising cost of groceries, and the prime suspect is the misguided ethanol-for-fuel program. I disliked it when first proposed, and now it’s looking like we’re heading for serious economic problems. In Econ 101 you are presented with a choice in government spending between guns and butter. Now throw in energy (via ethanol) and you have a three-way squeeze on our wallets. While Pres. GW Bush may be remembered for 9/11 and the War on Terror, I have a hunch history will remember him most for this ethanol boondoggle. I don’t know how some families are making it with grocery bills inching higher every month.

[Update:  Here’s a link for an article at Econbrowser related to the ethanol/corn issue.]

– We got Kingdom of Heaven from the library and watched it this weekend. Yes, I’ve watched another “R” rated movie in a week’s time, but like Children of Men it was given that rating mainly for violence (but nothing too gory like a horror movie). It did have a brief scene of Orlando “Legolas” Bloom without a shirt on (for the ladies). It was an interesting film and fairly entertaining and helped me answer a question that has been bugging me for years: why doesn’t Israel/US kick the Muslims out of Jerusalem and restore Solomon’s Temple?

Militarily it would be easy and could be thought of as the spoils of war, but the cost in human life would be unacceptable. The monuments/shrines mean nothing (and everything), yet it’s the lives inside the city that have true worth. Jesus broke the mold for us by rejecting man-made temples and having us worship God with our whole heart wherever we may be. We don’t need a building since the Holy Spirit resides in each believer.

Kingdom of Heaven3 taters.



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  1. Well, we were at the zoo again today. I thought it wasn’t supposed to be hot today! It may be just my delicate condition (we’re playing catch up with the Taters, apparently 😉 ), but I was taking advantage of those benches today!

    BTW, I spent a real good $1.27 at Sonic: a HUGE cherry limeade which lasted the whole zoo trip. Hooray for Sonic!!

  2. We used to have a Sonic by us, but it’s gone through at least 5 changes in the last 5 years. It’s just as well the Sonic’s gone, as Kristal loves those cherry limeades too.

    Keep clamoring for more benches at the zoo! With all of that walking, folks need a place to take a load off of their feet. Someday I’ll get to spend a whole afternoon just sitting in the enclosed bird house and let the animals come to me.

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