I’m Haiving

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 Our 3 y.o. girl has had some behavior problems lately, so we’ve had to deny her going out to some places.  Like most youngsters she loves going out (someplace other than home!), and she gets frustrated when denied the opportunity to travel.  Some days the first thing she’ll ask us is “Where are we going today?”  One of us will stay behind while the other takes the boys out.  When she asks why, we tell her that we can’t count on her to behave.  She then blurts out, “Mommy, I’m ‘haiving’, OK?”

There are times when her hard-headedness and screaming/yelling get very frustrating, but when she turns on the charm she is difficult to deny.  My heart feels like it gets bigger when I’m around her.  This week she is at home with Kristal while the homeschooling regimen proceeds (started Monday).  Next week she will begin at Head Start, and it looks like she’ll have plenty of structure and activities to keep her on the right path.  She has done well “haiving” the last few days during homeschool sessions.

As far as the other two boys “haiving”, we had to have the younger one’s hearing checked because it seemed like he was not hearing us when we asked him to do something.  The doctor said his hearing is fine, so we “suffer” from his selective hearing.  The older boy has had difficulties with backtalking, nothing out of the ordinary for kids to go through that phase.  He occasionally bullies the younger ones, so we have been encouraging him to act like the good older brother rather than being the source of trouble.

We expect him to step it up maturity-wise, but he still has plenty of kid left in him.  Yesterday the tiny girl was watching a “Wiggles” video, and the oldest boy joined in singing and dancing with her.  It’s great to see them enjoying things together, but it was surprising he did not dismiss it as “baby stuff”.  I suppose expecting better haiving will be a growing process.

So don’t forget – behave.  The world needs more haives.

Spud-Speak 3

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[Yes, I’m still feeding this blog … somewhat. The blog-muse has been weak, and with the work busy-ness I have neglected poor li’l Spudlets. I’m also determining what place it should have in my life. I have not had many visitors in the last year or so, yet it should be about more than just hits. I suppose I could spiff it up, advertise and try to get in the game, but would it be worth the trouble? It’s my blog and I’ll try if I want to – know what I mean Verne?]

– Well, I complained about a lack of rain over at Ginosko’s, and wouldn’t you know it, we got a thunderstorm that night. Since then we’ve had some rain just about every evening. The towns around us are enacting water restrictions starting Monday. My local town is blessed with an abundant supply of water and we did not need to have restrictions in the last drought a few years ago. With more rain coming next week we should be OK. I’m sure the folks in Ohio would love to give us some of their “extra” water, but a mountain range stands in the way.

– I haven’t been reading much lately, but two books look like they may be interesting enough to pick up (h/t to Looking Closer). The first is a collection of poems/writings from the early Christian mystics, Love’s Immensity: Mystics on the Endless Life. I’m usually interested on how early Christians (400-1500 AD) lived their faith. The other, which you’ll probably hear more about as the days go by, is a collection of letters by Mother Teresa, Come Be My Light. An interesting aspect of this book is it supposedly reveals she did not feel the presence of God whatsoever for the last 50 years of her life. Isn’t that fascinating!?

– I applied for a job a few weeks ago, and I thought I had excellent credentials for it except for one particular aspect they were looking for. Unfortunately I have not heard squat from them, and it has really gotten me down. It shouldn’t, but it has. I’m also staring at a loss in a week’s wages due to the company sale. Supposedly we got an extra week of pay when the plant was last sold several years ago. I don’t remember getting extra money, but I have heard that that is the plan, where we’ll “make up the week” to get payroll back in line for our new corporate owners. With a stay-at-home mom in the house we don’t have extra or even a cushion, so it’s going to make for interesting times.

My Baby Girl

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I haven’t posted too much about my young daughter, as we’re still getting to know each other.  Lately she has inspired some great “highs” (from overall cuteness) as well as some difficult “lows” (due to her hard-headedness).  She can be very loving at times, but she’s still a 3 y.o. and is ALWAYS interested in her self-centered universe, similar to most children her age.

Kristal commmented yesterday that for the past week or two her backtalking has significantly increased.  That goes with the old saying, “For the first two years you teach them how to walk and talk, and for the rest of the time you try to get them to sit down and shut up.”  So far it has been a struggle to get her to accept gracefully when things don’t go her way and she does not get what she wants, but that’s one of the joys of parenting.

Yesterday I bought the youngsters a cheap ($6) game where they launch plastic monkeys onto a plastic tree.  It takes some coordination to set the monkey and launch it just right.  The two younger ones had a difficult time, and it wasn’t until the third round when she finally got one to hang from the tree.  As she squealed “I did it I did it!”, the joy and excitement on her face were priceless.  The 4 y.o. boy didn’t get any in the last round and was close to tears, but he seemed to like the idea of practicing afterwards.

As I come much closer to realizing 50 in two weeks, guiding these young lives is an overwhelming blessing, helping me to not feel my age so much.  Yes, there are times when I acutely feel it, particularly as they’re always on the go and a lazy-boy beckons to me.  And yes, while I’m old enough to be their grandparent, I need to have the vigor of a parent.  God help me!

It’s a cliche, but it’s one day at a time, for however long the Lord blesses me with them.  In a month we’ll have the younger boy’s fifth birthday at the land of Charles E. Cheese, Esq.  Oh goody.

Dear Lord, thank you for the youngsters who call me dad, who make my heart glad.
Help me when I’m feeling bad and not up to giving them the time and activity they need.
Renew in me a steadfast spirit and a desire for righteousness.
Please forgive me when I miss the opportunity to grow their faith and love in you Lord.
May you be glorified through them and myself as well.

Spud-Speak 2

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Bourne Ultimatum review: It was “awright” and kept your interest for about 2 hours. I have seen claims that this is the best Bourne yet. I’d say they’re all good, but one does not necessarily rise above the others. I can see how Damon says this is it, as I felt a little tired at the end with him running constantly when all he wanted was some info. It was the first of the series that I saw on the big screen and some scenes were a little too “frenetic” for me. The choppy scene changes and weird viewing angles didn’t do it for me. I’m also a little tired of the “supersecret” government agency operating outside the law being the bad guy. It seems to give libs more ammo when declaring that “we” are the real terrorists.
Bourne Ultimatum: 3 out of 4 taters.

– Chili’s restaurant review: Kristal and I were fortunate to have an actual date night, so after the movie (4 pm matinee) we headed to one of the newest restaurant’s in town, Chili’s. It had been open for six months but we finally got around to trying it out Saturday night. Overall … ehhh. She got some chicken tacos and I got the steak fajita quesadilla. Her chicken was over-spiced with cumin. I suppose that was supposed to give it an exotic flavor but all you could taste was the cumin. My “steak” strips were fairly flavorless, but I guess they want you to slather on the salsa/sour cream/quacamole or whatever else was on the plate to “enhance” it. They put corn in the rice (can’t stand it when they do that!) and the beans were average. The iced tea was excellent, and it was nice to eat a meal with my honey-pie and not have to yell at youngsters.
Chili’s: 1 1/2 out of 4 taters.

– Usually on Sunday nights we both don’t feel like cooking, so we ended up having a “scavenger” supper. We had a few cans of Campbell’s Chili-Firehouse in the pantry and microwaved those last night. It turned out to be pretty good, a notch below Wendy’s chili but still OK. I think they have a regular version, as the Firehouse was a little too peppery for the youngsters. It had a good balance of beans and meat.

– Mid to upper 90’s for most of this week – yikes! I can see our power bill going over $200. I know there may be others who wish for something that “low”, yet it hits the Taterbed budget pretty hard. While gas prices seem to have eased, it’s still expensive to fill up the gas tank. Ah well, fall will be here in about a month.

– This really struck me as an odd couple: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will be releasing an album in October, Raising Sand. While she has one of the prettiest voices in the business, Plant’s “chops” were left in the last century and I doubt he has much left in the tank. I’ll have to at least preview a few of the songs, but I could end up buying the CD. Consider it for your “Santa’s list”!

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Well, there has been some wailing and gnashing of teeth upon hearing of the Possumblogger’s promotion to a real job where there probably won’t be time to blog.  As Sally Struthers once said, we all would like to make more money, so I can’t blame Terry for seizing the opportunity.  While much has changed in the blogosphere, the Axis of Weevil seemed to keep spinning fairly regularly.

He will be missed, and maybe he’ll get back to partial-strength blogging, but it probably won’t be like it was before.  Who knows, maybe in 20 years he’ll retire and blog full-time … if Miss Reba doesn’t have a big honey-do list waiting for him!  I don’t think anyone can truly replace him, so it’ll be interesting to see how the “gang” hangs together, if at all.

As for myself, my company/division has been bought out by a big multi-national corporation, but the actual transition won’t happen until the end of September.  As the IT guy, I’ll have my hands full trying to figure out how to gracefully severe ties with the old corporate servers and connect to the new corporate overlords.  The new corporate offices are about 2 1/2 hours away, so I anticipate some more business travel.

Not that I’ve been blogging all that much, but my surfing time could have to change as well, depending on what the new corporation’s expectations are.  I’m looking forward to seeing the changes, but I don’t have a desire to move, so any chance of my own promotion is nil.  We’re also waiting for an appeal by the birth mother of the two kids (from the court case when her rights were terminated) before we can adopt them and that could take another year.  The DSS would not look too kindly at me taking the kids out of the county.

The plant where I work should stay open for at least another couple of years.  The question is will my services still be required, and do I still want to keep providing those services.  The paycheck is nice, but I wonder sometimes if there’s more I could be doing somewhere else for more money.  Taking a gamble with that change is difficult, especially as I have three young’uns and a wife who like to eat and spend money (like most folks do).

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