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Bourne Ultimatum review: It was “awright” and kept your interest for about 2 hours. I have seen claims that this is the best Bourne yet. I’d say they’re all good, but one does not necessarily rise above the others. I can see how Damon says this is it, as I felt a little tired at the end with him running constantly when all he wanted was some info. It was the first of the series that I saw on the big screen and some scenes were a little too “frenetic” for me. The choppy scene changes and weird viewing angles didn’t do it for me. I’m also a little tired of the “supersecret” government agency operating outside the law being the bad guy. It seems to give libs more ammo when declaring that “we” are the real terrorists.
Bourne Ultimatum: 3 out of 4 taters.

– Chili’s restaurant review: Kristal and I were fortunate to have an actual date night, so after the movie (4 pm matinee) we headed to one of the newest restaurant’s in town, Chili’s. It had been open for six months but we finally got around to trying it out Saturday night. Overall … ehhh. She got some chicken tacos and I got the steak fajita quesadilla. Her chicken was over-spiced with cumin. I suppose that was supposed to give it an exotic flavor but all you could taste was the cumin. My “steak” strips were fairly flavorless, but I guess they want you to slather on the salsa/sour cream/quacamole or whatever else was on the plate to “enhance” it. They put corn in the rice (can’t stand it when they do that!) and the beans were average. The iced tea was excellent, and it was nice to eat a meal with my honey-pie and not have to yell at youngsters.
Chili’s: 1 1/2 out of 4 taters.

– Usually on Sunday nights we both don’t feel like cooking, so we ended up having a “scavenger” supper. We had a few cans of Campbell’s Chili-Firehouse in the pantry and microwaved those last night. It turned out to be pretty good, a notch below Wendy’s chili but still OK. I think they have a regular version, as the Firehouse was a little too peppery for the youngsters. It had a good balance of beans and meat.

– Mid to upper 90’s for most of this week – yikes! I can see our power bill going over $200. I know there may be others who wish for something that “low”, yet it hits the Taterbed budget pretty hard. While gas prices seem to have eased, it’s still expensive to fill up the gas tank. Ah well, fall will be here in about a month.

– This really struck me as an odd couple: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss will be releasing an album in October, Raising Sand. While she has one of the prettiest voices in the business, Plant’s “chops” were left in the last century and I doubt he has much left in the tank. I’ll have to at least preview a few of the songs, but I could end up buying the CD. Consider it for your “Santa’s list”!



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  1. There’s a Chili’s down the block from our church. It seems like they’ve raised their prices recently =-P

    They have really good strawberry lemonade, though!

  2. I wish I had known about the strawberry lemonade sooner! Oh well, the tea was purty good. We’re going to need some refreshments the next few days with highs at 100. Hot stuff!

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