My Baby Girl

8/14/07 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I haven’t posted too much about my young daughter, as we’re still getting to know each other.  Lately she has inspired some great “highs” (from overall cuteness) as well as some difficult “lows” (due to her hard-headedness).  She can be very loving at times, but she’s still a 3 y.o. and is ALWAYS interested in her self-centered universe, similar to most children her age.

Kristal commmented yesterday that for the past week or two her backtalking has significantly increased.  That goes with the old saying, “For the first two years you teach them how to walk and talk, and for the rest of the time you try to get them to sit down and shut up.”  So far it has been a struggle to get her to accept gracefully when things don’t go her way and she does not get what she wants, but that’s one of the joys of parenting.

Yesterday I bought the youngsters a cheap ($6) game where they launch plastic monkeys onto a plastic tree.  It takes some coordination to set the monkey and launch it just right.  The two younger ones had a difficult time, and it wasn’t until the third round when she finally got one to hang from the tree.  As she squealed “I did it I did it!”, the joy and excitement on her face were priceless.  The 4 y.o. boy didn’t get any in the last round and was close to tears, but he seemed to like the idea of practicing afterwards.

As I come much closer to realizing 50 in two weeks, guiding these young lives is an overwhelming blessing, helping me to not feel my age so much.  Yes, there are times when I acutely feel it, particularly as they’re always on the go and a lazy-boy beckons to me.  And yes, while I’m old enough to be their grandparent, I need to have the vigor of a parent.  God help me!

It’s a cliche, but it’s one day at a time, for however long the Lord blesses me with them.  In a month we’ll have the younger boy’s fifth birthday at the land of Charles E. Cheese, Esq.  Oh goody.

Dear Lord, thank you for the youngsters who call me dad, who make my heart glad.
Help me when I’m feeling bad and not up to giving them the time and activity they need.
Renew in me a steadfast spirit and a desire for righteousness.
Please forgive me when I miss the opportunity to grow their faith and love in you Lord.
May you be glorified through them and myself as well.


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  1. That part about the three-year-old sounds strangely familiar. Ours has taught the one-year-old the extremely useful word “no” (not that they don’t hear it from us, but it’s after Jay starts with his “NO”s that we hear Isaac chime in). And the part about being tired sure rings a bell too. You’re right, though- prayer is the way to go!!

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