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[Yes, I’m still feeding this blog … somewhat. The blog-muse has been weak, and with the work busy-ness I have neglected poor li’l Spudlets. I’m also determining what place it should have in my life. I have not had many visitors in the last year or so, yet it should be about more than just hits. I suppose I could spiff it up, advertise and try to get in the game, but would it be worth the trouble? It’s my blog and I’ll try if I want to – know what I mean Verne?]

– Well, I complained about a lack of rain over at Ginosko’s, and wouldn’t you know it, we got a thunderstorm that night. Since then we’ve had some rain just about every evening. The towns around us are enacting water restrictions starting Monday. My local town is blessed with an abundant supply of water and we did not need to have restrictions in the last drought a few years ago. With more rain coming next week we should be OK. I’m sure the folks in Ohio would love to give us some of their “extra” water, but a mountain range stands in the way.

– I haven’t been reading much lately, but two books look like they may be interesting enough to pick up (h/t to Looking Closer). The first is a collection of poems/writings from the early Christian mystics, Love’s Immensity: Mystics on the Endless Life. I’m usually interested on how early Christians (400-1500 AD) lived their faith. The other, which you’ll probably hear more about as the days go by, is a collection of letters by Mother Teresa, Come Be My Light. An interesting aspect of this book is it supposedly reveals she did not feel the presence of God whatsoever for the last 50 years of her life. Isn’t that fascinating!?

– I applied for a job a few weeks ago, and I thought I had excellent credentials for it except for one particular aspect they were looking for. Unfortunately I have not heard squat from them, and it has really gotten me down. It shouldn’t, but it has. I’m also staring at a loss in a week’s wages due to the company sale. Supposedly we got an extra week of pay when the plant was last sold several years ago. I don’t remember getting extra money, but I have heard that that is the plan, where we’ll “make up the week” to get payroll back in line for our new corporate owners. With a stay-at-home mom in the house we don’t have extra or even a cushion, so it’s going to make for interesting times.



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  1. Glad to be of service!

    That whole pay thing sounds a little off – I could see there being a delay of a week, if the new company is on a different pay schedule, or, as most companies do, they pay on a week’s delay (work two weeks, get paid at the end of the third – basiscally after you’ve been working three weeks). It shouldn’t make a difference what happened when the plant was sold the last time. Has anyone talked to HR and gotten a straight answer on this?

  2. It’s all conjecture on the pay thing for now. I’ll probably ask my boss about it sometime. They can’t say anything right now as the sale will not be “official” until the end of September. What others are saying is that it would be too much hardship on a lot of folks, so they’ll figure something out to keep the $$ rolling in.

    Basically, companies will hold back your first week of pay, and then settle up when you leave (supposedly many government jobs do this). What I don’t understand is that I submit a time sheet on a Monday (like today) for the previous two week’s of hours worked and then get my check on Thursday. There’s no way for me to cheat the company out of money. I suppose companies just like having the extra week in the bank for “just in case”

  3. What I found odd here at the U is that adminstrators (monthly pay) is paid up to the minute – the check I get 8/31 is for pay up to and including 8/31. So if I quit between the time the payroll is calculated (around the 22nd) and the end of the month, I may need to repay some of that check. Odd.

  4. Diane, mine’s the same way, and I thought it was strange, too. I’m not complaining, though!

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