Go Petraeus!

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For while the country can thrive as a politically divided nation, its ability to defend itself diminishes alongside faith in the fidelity of the military. The unbalanced portrayal of the conduct of our soldiers has done damage enough. To impugn our warriors’ motives as political is thoroughly corrosive and hurts all Americans.
… they must recognize that a bipartisan course of action must be chosen in the context of a much larger war on terror. If the politicians continue pulling the country apart, this game of chicken will end badly and imperil both Iraq and the U.S. If America were hit tomorrow there would be more finger-pointing than ranks closing. That must change.

This is from a Marine Corps reservist in today’s OpinionJournal, and he says it better than I can. The Democrat’s continued assailing of Gen. Petraeus is disgusting. It boils down to a simple formula:

Progress/success in Iraq = Makes Bush look good
When engaged in Bush-rage, anything that can be done to make Pres. Bush look bad or hurt him will be used. These are people running scared, knowing a perception of victory in Iraq will doom them next year, as they tie their political aspirations to denigrating anything having to do with Iraq. Instead of working with the system to find a way of helping Iraq, it’s simply cut-and-run. And it’s simply sad. Hosanna – God help us!


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