Spud-Speak 5

9/18/07 at 2:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

– No Britney news in almost a week … oh, she just leaves us twisting in the wind! Actually, for some strange reason I followed the MTV appearance and aftermath fairly closely. There was a part of me that wanted to be a father for her. Even at her ripe old age (24?) she is in sore need of a father to guide her, to be a strength for her as well as set her aright. Her choice in “accountability partners” has been poor. Some say this will end in suicide. I don’t know how things will work out, but now there are two innocent children involved. If they’re taken away from her then I fear the worst.

– Our middle son just turned 5 on Saturday, erego we go to Charles E. Cheese’s place. The cuisine, the activities, the gracious guests … wow! Actually, the kids did pretty good there, although this may be the last time we try to get away with just one large pizza to feed 5. I’m glad for the security system they have at the door. Once our 3 y.o. girl got a cup of tokens in her had she was gone. Although it makes your heart leap out of your chest just contemplating losing her, I suppose it’s as good a place as any to give her a little freedom.

– By a fluke we are getting the VH1 Classic channel, and they showed Pink Floyd’s The Wall Saturday night. There’s 2 hours I’ll never get back. I can vaguely remember trying to watch it some other times and falling asleep. I made a mighty effort to stay awake to midnight and did, but now I’d wish I had taken the extra sleeptime. It falls along the lines of “Oh woe is me, it’s so tough being a rock star, I have problems too ya know” crap, like Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”, or the Moody Blues “I’m Just A Singer in a Rock-n-Roll Band”. Waah.



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  1. Britney really needs a Heavenly Father. My heart breaks for her – is there no one in her circle that will step up and truly help her?

    Happy birthday to the 5 year old! Did he just turn five, or six? Had to laugh about the one large pizza – when the boys become teenagers, expect your grocery bill to double roughly every six months!

  2. Thanks. He turned 5 last Saturday. We have the 9 y.o. who snacks but so far has not gone for the large portions at supper. Yet. His “motor” runs pretty fast, so I expect the need to increase the size of the pantry to come in the next few years. For now he’s still finicky at supper, but hunger has a way of wiping out fussiness.

    Unfortunately for Britney it’s her family that helped get her where she’s at. When you get to that level of fame and wealth, if you’re not securely grounded going in there’s little hope you can survive it.

  3. Happy birthday to middle boy! Our oldest boy turns three Friday. My friend said oppositional and obstinate is par for the course, so he seems to have gotten a few days’ head start!

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