Review: Facing the Giants

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Facing the Giants has been out awhile, and friends at church have raved about how wonderful it was. I’ve avoided it based on the gushing as well as some poor reviews from movie websites I frequent. Kristal borrowed a copy from the library, so the price was right – only two hours of my life. I can better understand the criticism of it now.

It’s basically a Christian propaganda film. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Could it have been edgier, without the big happy ending, and made more “artistically”? Yeah, maybe, but it is what it is. While it was for the most part entertaining, it helped to drive home some points that most of us need to consider: what is our purpose, and are we giving it all we’ve got?

SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: I would have liked some things to not go quite the coach’s way, as he seemed to get it all (new vehicle, money, championship, baby) and it veered close to a prosperity gospel. We also got very little character development/interactions with the students, besides the kicker and his dad. I suppose with the time limitation they decided to focus on the coach and what he went through.

A powerful element of the movie was the coach’s decision to gut it out after it looked like he was going to be let go. He turned to the Lord, sought His will and changed his approach to the team. It took time for the blessings to flow, and it was touching when the students started their own revival. The son repenting and reconciling to his father was also great. END SPOILERS

A difficult part of the movie for Kristal and me was the infertility thread. Having gone through it ourselves it’s very heart-wrenching. I’d just as soon not revisit it. I thank God for the youngsters He has blessed us with by adoption. Infertility for Christian couples is very difficult to accept, as you feel like you’re being cursed. Enough on that for now.

Finally, one aspect of the movie greatly convicted me. An older man gives some prophetic encouragement to the coach, and he was shown him praying at the school walking down each hallway every day, and had done that for years. While I may not have access like that to a school, I can certainly pray over my house. Should I have a daily prayer walk and pray over each office at my job? Should I pray over each work station out in production? This head knowledge needs to be converted to foot action.

Christians will find much to enjoy about Facing the Giants. I’m not sure how well this could be used as an evangelical tool, but nothing is impossible with God. Those who don’t like Christians “getting in their face” will hate this film, particularly the happy ending. As far as the ladies not liking the football content, my wife Kristal (who is not a real big football fan) LOVED this movie and wants to buy it now. I enjoyed it, and if you go into it without expectations of seeing a monumental work of art, you should enjoy it too.


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