Spud-Speak 6

10/04/07 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

– Woo hoo! I made the top letter of reader responses to an article in the OpinionJournal. There were only three printed, but still! Be sure to read the article on progress in Iraq before reading the erudite responses.

– It’s a grey Thursday for me, both literally and figuratively. The first I don’t mind, as we got about a quarter inch of rain last night and should get more (we desperately need) today and tomorrow. Otherwise, the Bears are 1-3 heading into the kingdum of Fav-ruh Sunday night, the Cubs lost the first game of their series, and I had what could be a “career” setback. I can’t detail much about the latter, just to say it’s a great disappointment.

– Ah, but who wants to hear complaining?! The three youngsters seem to be regressing with regard to behavior, so that entails more disciplinary actions (which is no fun). Perhaps our expectations increase as time goes on, but we seem to have problems with back-talking and lying. Well, we are getting a reprieve, as a friend of ours has offered to take the kids off of our hands from Friday night until Sat. afternoon. What to do, what to do …
[Don’t worry – Lady Spud has a list ready with all kinds of options for the free time, and none of it involve chores around the house, per our friend’s instruction.]



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  1. Sorry about the work-related stuff and the behavior issues. I can definitely sympathize!!

    At least my parents’ dire warnings about Jay’s treatment of his brother seem alarmist after seeing them for a few days and conferring with my mil, who saw them while we were away. I still need to call my sil who was with them for more than a week, but the pediatrician and my former co-worker who grew up in a house full of boys have both advised us that boys will be boys!

    I have to say the behavior my parents described didn’t match up with what I’ve seen out of Jay. He’s not a gentle boy, but neither is he malicious.

    Anyway, we’re back. I may get around to posting part 2 of our adventures this coming week…

  2. They may have been a little overprotective of Isaac, but it’s hard to say. Jay is starting to get of the age to really start pushing/testing boundaries too. They should be fine, and I’m sure you’re on top of things to let Jay know when he’s not “haiving” appropriately.

    Jay may also be smart enough to know that #3 is on the way, which means even less parent-attention time. It will be a few more years until he stops thinking the universe revolves around him.

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