Spud-Speak 7

10/31/07 at 3:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

[I could go on about “Yes, I’m still alive”, but that gets old after awhile.  Will this blog survive?  I hope so, though lately I’ve been getting my writing/composition practice at other places.  Perhaps I’ll get around to some TUG as I had promised many moons ago.]

– Last week we (piedmont NC) finally got some much needed rain, over three inches.  While it’s too late to worry about cutting grass, hopefully the moisture will give the grass root system a fighting chance to survive the winter.  Unfortunately it also helps crabgrass.  What I have not seen for a long time is mushrooms in the yard.  I did a double-take when they first came up.

– While I usually have a rant at this time of the year for the stupid DST, it’s getting to the point of tilting at windmills.  I still don’t understand how the rest of the population seems to be like sheep and go along with it.  Considering Congress is the source of these monkey-shines … well, nuff said.

– My favorite sports team, the Chicago Bears, has taken it on the chin this season, though they have not done too much to move their chin out of the way.  In spite of the Superbowl appearance last year, there were a few areas of concern going into this season on offense (QB, RB and O-line).  Considering the poor play on offense combined with the injuries on defense and it does not look like the Bears will be returning to the playoffs.  Can’t win ’em all.

– The 3 y.o. girl got to go to bed over an hour early last night.  While she had a good day at school, she challenged Mom twice afterwards.  Each time Mom would ask her to stop doing something.  She would stop at first, then go back to it as if to test a boundary.  After that point Mom told her to go to her room, and then she went into her act:  flop on the floor and yell “I don’t want to go to my room!”
Well, yeah, that’s understandable, but that’s not behaving.  In spite of her misbehavior, she can be very loving.  Out of the three kids she’s the only one to show any interest/excitement when I get home.  I’ll never get tired of hearing a happy shout of “Daddy!”, followed by a hug.  Everyone has the basic need of knowing someone is happy to see you (yes, Lady Spud also greets me warmly every day).



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  1. Our three-year-old is doing that ALL THE TIME. It’s like the switch was thrown while we were in Ukraine, and now his favorite response to “Please do x” is “I don’t want to do x”. Even if “x” is “go to the potty and pick a potty treat”. It’s really starting to look like Isaac will be in big boy underpants before Jay. *Sigh*

    Yes, Paul hates DST too (took me a minute to figure out that acronym!), but we don’t have much choice but to go along like sheep, do we?

  2. Oh, DST isn’t so baa-aa-aa-ad. At least that’s what my Congressman tells me! Sorry to hear about Jay’s lack of “commitment” to big-boy underwear. Potty training can be the most exasperating chore for parents, but once you’re out of it you tend to forget about all of the trouble and heartache (and mess!), and wonder what all of the fuss was about.

    I’ve heard of some societies/cultures that do not use diapers at all, they just train the baby somehow to go potty when they’re ready for them to “issue” the outflow. Must be our decadent Western lifestyle that encourages diaper usage and all of the resulting environmental damage.

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