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The Taterbed took a giant leap into the digital world. I went last week and got me a big ol’ high-def TV: Toshiba 50″ DLP. The HHGregg store was having a grand opening sale, and I saved $100 from the regular “sale” price they’re advertising now. Yes, it’s “only” 720p and not 1080i, but with my old eyes I can’t really tell much of a difference.

For now we’re going with the antenna feed. Even though they are running specials, both the cable and satellite would run about $50/month, so we’re holding off on choosing one of those for now. After first setting it up I hooked up the regular cable to it and it was OK but nothing great. When I hooked up the antenna and then tuned in “Jeopardy!” coming it at full HD … wow! Unfortunately I’m far enough away from the big city of Greensboro where the reception can be spotty sometimes, especially for PBS.

Watching the football games on HD is great. I’m looking forward to seeing the Bears in HD, someday, even if they are stinking up the joint this season. We did get a DVD-upconverter too. I did not get an HDMI cable at HHGregg. I don’t want to spend too much on it, $20 at most, but for now all that’s available starts around $35 and goes up. Maybe there’ll be a sale on Friday …

I don’t have much experience with HDTV, so I’m not too sure on how much better the picture will be with the special cable. I’m also considering the component cables, but if I’m going to spend money I might as well spend it on what is supposed to be the best connector. I’m just hoping for some bang for the buck.

Kristal calls it a “monster”. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to buy a toy. We don’t watch much TV, particularly network/cable shows. I’m set for the days off coming up during the holiday season, so now it’s a question of what movies to watch. I may go for the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, or perhaps “Lonesome Dove”. It’ll probably be the former, as the latter was a made-for-TV production so the picture quality will not be all that great.



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  1. If I bring the popcorn, can I come? All you need now is the surround sound and half a dozen recliners, and you have your own theater!

    At some point this year, assuming I save enough, I need to take the digital plunge. My 15 year old tv and $15 per month basic cable package are not going to last beyond the Feb 2009 switch to all digital. Our basic digital packages run around $50 per month, exclusive of taxes and “rental” on things like the remote control. Not looking forward to this…

  2. I had a surround sound system with the old TV, but I’m still deciding if I want to drag that into the room and add to the clutter or not. We have two recliners, though those bank-of-recliners setup is very tempting.

    As far as a cable package, since you live in/near Milwaukee then you can get HD broadcasts of the network channels over the air for free with a half-decent antenna ($20-30). The cable company will still need to offer a basic package under $30 (I think), unless you have to have some of those girlie :> design channels.

    I would think you could find a decent 37″ HD television in the $500-600 range in the next year or so. After 15 years with your old TV something like that will feel like you’re at the theater.

  3. We’ll just stick with Netflix and our 8-yr-old TV for now. I’m sure the prices on the new TVs will keep going down in the meantime. If not, we’ll probably just keep getting along without it!

    Enjoy it, anyway, and If the Washington-Chicago game weren’t late at night, I might invite us over 😉

  4. cable companies are also offering broadband internet these days and the cost is cheap too ~’~

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