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I’m coming out of the closet and admitting to being a fan of “The Next Great American Band” show.  I have been watching it from the beginning and it’s fairly entertaining, moreso than the dancing show that just concluded (thank God).  My favorite band is the Clark Brothers – just awesome talent.  I talked to someone in the band at my church, and he had actually played backstage with them at a bluegrass festival and said they are the real deal. 

I would like to see Trey Bien, Dot Dot Dot and Light of Doom voted out, with Six Wire and the Clark Brothers duking it out for the championship (Denver and his orchestra are nice but shouldn’t even be on at this point).  Unfortunately, the headbangin’ longhaired schoolkids will be around until the end.  They’re an OK kid garage band, but nobody on the show seems to want to face the backlash of pointing out they are mediocre musicians who just play crunch chords and learned their stage moves from old heavy-metal videos.

My 9 year old loves them and jumps up and down every time they are announced to go on-stage.  Both his mom and I groan, and then he looks at us and can’t understand why we don’t like them.  Like “American Idol”, it’s up to the public to vote and I see a repeat of teenie-boppers with their cellphones calling in votes for the Doom-ers. Trey Bien is in a similar situation of kids/peers voting for them even though they are also not very talented.  It is supposed to be a talent contest but it ends up being a popularity contest, thus a band like Franklin Bridge has a premature exit.  So it goes …



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  1. TV, schmeevee. I don’t know how Paul can hang with the youth group without it, though *shrug* I guess he manages!

  2. Maybe they admire him for his anti-TV stance!?

    I don’t think TV is as big as it used to be as far as yute trends go. Now if Paul swore off YouTube he might be in trouble. ;>

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