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12/11/07 at 1:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

With the new big-screen TV at the Taterbed, we do not have the capability of watching video tapes.  Older movies, particularly the holiday “chestnuts”, are typically on tape, so we have to decide whether to watch on the old small TV, buy a DVD version or just go without.  My favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas with Crosby, Kaye, Clooney and Ellen was scheduled to be shown on one of the local channels I can get in with my antenna, in HD.

 It was with eager anticipation that I tuned in the movie, and the opening scenes were great.  You could see the background details of the beautiful sets as well as the nuances of the facial expressions better.  With a broadcast like this you expect about 7 minutes of movie followed by about 4 minutes of commercials.  When they returned from the first commercial break, it seemed like some dialogue was missing, but I didn’t mind too much.

 The next scene was the famous “Sisters” duet.  After the song they chat at the table (boy-girl, boy-girl), and then Kaye and Ellen get up to dance so the other two can talk.  At this point the number “The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing” starts, but they cut to commercial just before it was supposed to start.  I’m not a big fan of dance, but I really enjoy watching them use the whole set.

 As it turned out they had cut out the whole dance number, and I was understandably upset.  I then had to put one of the youngsters to bed, so I missed a chunk of the movie and retuned at the point where the gang meets in the club car on the train.  As nice as Bing Crosby sings all of the songs in the movie, I love to hear him sing “Snow”.  Once again, they stopped the movie just before the start of “Snow” for a commercial break, and then after the commercial they were in Vermont.  Ther had cut out the “Snow” number!!

 It was at that point I left the room and could not watch anymore.  It should be illegal to cut out so much from a movie.  Instead I went to the Amazon site and found some satisfaction that will hopefully be delivered soon.  My favorite version of a Christmas Carol with Albert Finney may be in the box too.



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  1. Yup – it was the “Best Things Happen” number that made me realize what was going on. They get up to dance, cut to commercial, and after the break she’s bent back over his knee and Ms. Clooney walks in.

    TBS had it on last week – with all the numbers included. Didn’t have time to catch it all. Hope your DVDs arrive soon!

  2. So will you get to see Sunday’s big game in HD, or is it blocked out/not on free tv in your area?

    The whole NFL Network/Time Warner Cable feud is making everyone nuts around here – the local station has had to buy broadcast rights from the NFL Network in order to make sure the Wisconsin Packer fans don’t riot because they can’t see the game. That situation isn’t going to be rectified anytime soon – the companies are miles apart on dollars.

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