Random Stuff 2-08

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Does a post a month make for a blog?  A quite meager one at that.  Better take advantage of the blog-muse hitting me …

– Next month will mark 8 years of living in the same house.  I find it hard to believe, as it’s twice as long as any stay we have made, and (of course) the time has flown by.  I don’t know if change is in the air, but it’s nice not having to pack the junk and move it somewhere else.  I have looked into a few opportunities to make more money, but they were local and did not involve a move.  I’m sure there’s a nice enough salary out there to convince me to move, but I don’t know how much or where or even if I’m up for finding it.

–  Lady Spud had bunion surgery a week ago, and her check-up with the doctor yesterday went OK.  It’s been “fun” managing the household  She’s at the point of really wanting to do stuff, though talking with her today I could tell she’s overdoing it because of her foot pain.  I have been to the library for movies and free magazines (one of her favorite pastimes is to tear out magazine articles) for her, but she is more than ready to go out and about.  Fortunately she chuckled when I said I was worried about some of the fast-food places around town feeling a pinch since she could not get out to them.

– One of the movies from the library was Master and Commander (with Russell Crowe).  We watched the first half hour of it before supper, and it looked great on the big screen TV.  Once the kids were in bed (and American Idol was over) I was somewhat surprised that she did not want to watch the rest of it with me.  I asked several times, and she declined each time.  I enjoyed the rest of it last night, but it was not until this morning I figured out her reluctance.  It’s definitely not a chick-flick, and as a matter of fact there’s only one scene where a (native) Indian woman in a canoe makes a brief appearance on screen.  Otherwise it’s manly men at sea, fighting for God and country.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

– This is the first year in several that I’ve not blogged about the phenomenon known as American Idol.  The favorites have been singled out, and we’ll have the usual drama about people deserving to be voted off who remain and vice versa.  I just wished they would find some other songs besides the old tired ones they keep trotting out.  And Beatles songs don’t count!

– I might go more into depth about the presidential election if the spirit moves me.  It looks like the election is going against trends in that a senator will be elected.  Senators typically do not make good candidates for president.  My main beef with the ones left standing is their lack of leadership experience/accomplishments.  The PotUS essentially runs a very large company-organization, and those without leadership skills will struggle once they sit in the Oval Office.  While people lambaste Pres. Bush, he did go into the job with experience both in private business as well as being a governor, and it served him well (enough to get him re-elected).  Leadership in military affairs will also be very important, as things are still unsettled in Arab Oil-landia.

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