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As the weeks go by, I get a better appreciation of how blogs die. What started as a method of “prose practice” morphed into a community of folks to interact with on a small cloud in the blogosphere. Things change, people gain other interests and/or other things demand their time, to the point that hobbies like blogging fall by the wayside.

I still maintain this website, and there are things I’d like to store here if I ever get off of my duff and copy stuff over. I just don’t think there’s enough interest by me as well as those who may still come to visit to maintain some sort of personal diary. I can find other places to vent on particular subjects, particularly my fondness for a particular dark blue/burnt orange football team.

So the things I put in here are for storage. Perhaps there will be a few things I can look up years from now and get a chuckle. Perhaps.

– Tomorrow is my seven-squared anniversary, and I keep thinking of “lucky” things I can do. It ends up being just another day in a way. Lately my birthdays have been better since there are youngsters around to help me get excited. So yes, I’m very lucky to have them, even if they occasionally pose some behavior “challenges”.

– I cannot recall a “finalist” presidential candidate so unqualified as Barry. Prior to his initial term in the Senate (where he has been absent for nearly a year), he was elected to a state and a local/city office. There is no leadership experience, yet he has a good chance of being the leader of the free world. How could so many people be so gullible to the “change” message? Were they that p-o’d with GWBush? Did they swallow the crap from the MSM and have been brainwashed into thinking the “current occupant” is the worst President ever? Years from now people are going to realize how lucky we were to have people at that level with experience in the oil industry and knew how vital it was to gamble on bringing some stability to that area.

– Iraq was a gamble, but the consequences of Barry’s “let’s just reason” plan with folks like Saddam would have been far worse. Al Qaeda knows that oil is the lifeblood for the “infidel’s” economies. Their long-term goal is to control the Mideast and the flow of oil. The Sauds dance with them as they can be useful instruments sometimes, yet dangerous as well. While Saddam may not have negotiated directly with bin Laden, he did work with some leaders from al Qaeda. A democratic and free Iraq will help countries like Egypt and Jordan to change, and hopefully a domino effect can take hold of that region. Unfortunately, Arab men are inclined to be authoritarian and the society is tribal, so the leader of the biggest tribe typically tends to rule things.

– On PBS Monday night, I caught the part in between the end of Teddy Kennedy’s “tribute” and the beginning of Mrs. Obamamama’s speech. The talking heads on PBS were making big smooching noises over TK. One guy said that TK was one of the greatest Senators ever, a top 5 candidate. What?! Fortunately most of my dinner had already been digested by then. I snoozed through Mrs. Obamamama’s speech, and found out that I didn’t miss much.

– The paperwork going through the lawyer/court has been started in order to finalize the adoption of the 4 y.o. girl and 5 y.o. (6 in three weeks) boy. It will take a few months to process it, so hopefully it will be a Christmas gift for us. DSS was gracious enough to let us homeschool the boy, something we were concerned they would not allow since the adoption is not final yet. I did get a little teary-eyed as I was signing the paperwork and saw their names with my last name. Something about that chokes me up. We’ve had to use their birth-father’s last name since we got them, and I look forward to putting that name to the side.

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