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1/02/09 at 7:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

a terrible thing to waste. I missed December, though one post a month is a pitiful thing. I could note personal things, but I’m not sure if anybody’s out there. We’re still waiting for DSS to finish paperwork/forms, so once that is in the county can process the application and we can finalize the adoption of the boy and girl. The latter is having her fifth birthday in three weeks. They’ve been with us for over two years, and the time flies by.

Well, I’m tempted to get political here in the Taterbed. It makes me sick to see the federal government throwing around trillions like it’s nothing “major”, the auto companies, state governments and others lining up at the feeding trough. Now the feds want to raise the gas tax by ten cents a gallon. Hey, how about cutting back some of the unaccounted billions to the shady bankers?

Obam-abs is already throwing around a $750 billion recovery package. At what point do we cross the socialism line? There’s a real chance for conservatives to take a stand, take back government from those who would spend us into oblivion, and return us to the principles outlined by our Consititution: providing for national defense, regulating interstate commerce, upholding the bill of rights.

It’s sinful that we pay more than 10% of our wages to taxes. God asks of us a tithe. How have we gotten to the point of giving more to Uncle Sam than the Lord? The government keeps feeding, only knowing how to grow. I guess when you get to print money out of nothing, like trillions, then there’s no problem in printing more.

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