Daddy’s Day Every Day

6/23/09 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It was a quiet Fathers Day at the Taterbed.  Kristal and Josh were both struggling a little with a cold, so they missed out on church.  I took Joey and Sandy to Sunday school and then we came back home, as Sandy is not able to sit through a whole service yet.  I had Kristal order two pairs of rugby shorts.  In the picture they looked like they would go to about halfway down the thigh, but they were typical “short shorts”.  Ah well, more incentive to lose weight.

Yeah, I’m trying – if I can minimize the sweets/empty carbs/night snacking and take a walk in the morning I think I can make some progress.  I had two weeks in a row of three pound losses, but Monday’s weigh in showed no change.  There will be some periods of failure, but I have to keep working through them.

While I’m working on there being a little less daddy, it has been gratifying lately as Sandy and particularly Joey seem to accept me more as dad.  I’m not big on physical contact, since I’m the shy/retiring type.  I have to keep reminding myself to reach out to them:  a little wrestling, some hugs, rubbing a shoulder and back.  Kids respond to touch, and for some dads the only touch they give is disciplining.  I want them to feel security and acceptance, not fear though sometimes they do need to be disciplined

Every day I’m blessed to hear “Daddy!”, and I hope to measure up to at least their needs and love them more and more each day.

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