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This post has been rolling around my head for awhile, so I  might as well unload it somewhere.  Our recent return from vacation has helped confirm some of the trends I’ve noticed.  I have mentioned before the slow progress I’ve had connecting with Joey (6 y.o. boy) since arriving at the Taterbed in Dec. 2006.  He’s not very expressive unless he’s angry (and it’s not a good “expressiveness”), and the times I tried to get closer to him at the beginning were difficult.

I didn’t feel like he accepted me as “dad” but the guy who owns the house, yells sometimes and has money.  Hugs would have to be prompted, and he would typically seek out his older brother or Kristal when he needed something.  In the last few months it has felt like things have finally turned around.  I don’t know if it’s a trust issue or if it really is love, though I’ll accept the latter.

He now will come up to me and sit on my lap without my asking.  He also seems to be discussing more things with me, where before it was a shrug and a mumbled “Idunoh”.  I’m not a big touchy-feely guy and have to remember to include more wrestling/hugging with the kids.  It’s amazing how much they respond to physical touch.  My heart goes out to those kids who are in situations where they don’t get hugs (and rough-housing!) and a physically reassuring touch.

I still treasure those times when Sandy (5 y.o. girl) reaches up for my hand when we’re walking and those neck-hugs when I challenge her to squeeze as hard as she can.  I need to push myself on wrestling more with the boys, pats on the back and hugs.


Over at Taranto’s column at WSJ online, this paragraph leapt out at me (a quote from Politico but the link was broken):

Added a senior Democratic strategist: “It may be out of necessity, but for Republicans, relying on the fringe elements of the party to be the face of opposition on health care is a dangerous game. The birthers and the tea party folks aren’t controllable, come off as angry and out of control and couldn’t care less about the issue at hand.”

First off, if Republicans are relying on a Democratic strategist for advice, then they’re in real trouble.  If anything do the opposite and you’d be OK.  As Taranto pointed out, this “fringe” now outnumbers the people who support this health scare scam.  The other, more galling, aspect is the reference to “birthers”.  I visit other sites on the web (i.e. ToD)  where there is this overwhelming stance for not just ZPG but negative population growth.  The tree-huggers value Gaia, obscure fish and redwoods more than people.

The sneers and contempt leveled at families of more than 3 (4?) disgusts me.  God help us if the liberals start initiatives to limit family size.  They’re working at the other end with Obamacare limiting health care for old people, where the end game is having them die as quickly and cheaply as possible.  They won’t come flat-out and say that, but it’s not difficult to read their intention from the remarks I’ve heard from the current administration.

As a Christian I value the lives God has created and rejoice when more are born, giving me the opportunity to praise the Lord with more brothers and sisters.  This world has plenty of space for more people, regardless of the “quality of life” we would have to endure.  While we as a society will have to wrestle with care we give to those near the end of their lives, it should not be up to a government bureaucrat.

Let’s be consistent in encouraging and uplifting life and helping our neighbors.



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  1. I’m glad Joey is warming up to you! I’m sure it’s hard to trust when your whole life has been completely uprooted at such a young age.

    I’m more encouraged about the state of our country now that the whole health care bubble has burst. I just wish there were some way to know what ideas are credible and which are not. It’s so easy for the administration to say idea X is laughable, when maybe it’s the truth, but now if you take it seriously, you’re “ridiculous”. Sometimes these ideas really are silly, but it’s hard to sort out which is which when the administration has shown very little regard for truthfulness.

  2. It may be partly trust, but it’s mostly a personality thing with Joey. As we get to know each other more there will be more opportunities to strengthen our relationship.

    To tell you the truth, while I may be slightly interested in “other ideas” on health care, I just want the government out of it. We as a society have allowed the federal govt. to take over responsibilities that should have been left to communities. People have had the “will to help” stripped away, so all that’s left is wondering how much Uncle Sam is going to pick your pocket.

    Don’t worry, Uncle Sam will take care of it. We’ve all seen how efficient US is with programs “he” should not be in in the first place. I’ve had enough.

  3. Cool site, love the info.

  4. Yes, the church has abdicated its tasks of caring for the poor, and now people in general don’t have much use for the church. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Nonetheless, the duty is not dependent upon society’s response. But what to do about it is the real question.

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