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Otherwise, things are poking along here at the Taterbed.  I was tempted to have a big 50th b-day post, but old age prevented me from saying much.  Kristal was so nice and put on a big party, nicer than any I have had in my honor in a long time.  My mom and dad came in (Michigan and Illinois, respectively) and we had some friends stop by too (but none from out of town, not that I have many).  I had asked for just a family portrait b-day gift, but as the day kept getting closer she had not scheduled a time for a picture (at Sears?). 

She ended up collecting a bunch of old photos and paying someone to create a DVD slide show with a few songs.  It was nice, and I found myself getting a little choked up when the first pictures of Josh were displayed.  It feels like my life “restarted” then, and the past before that is dimly remembered.  She also imposed on family and friends to contribute to a 50th year “testimony” book.  Very touching.  I had my mom take a picture of us just before church, so I’m using that as my “official” family portrait, now displayed 8×10 in my office/closet.

I had given some thought so saying something profound at the party day, particularly as some people expect some words of wisdom to justify all those years.  When the time came I did not offer much besides thanks.  In hindsight I wanted to say:  

The older I get the more I appreciate the importance of love, my misunderstanding of it and how much I have to learn.  Love is the greatest challenge and greatest reward anyone could expect from life.

Sandy gave me a big ol’ kiss on the cheek before work the other day, and it was all I could do to stop my knees from wobbling.  I do feel my age when I watch Josh play football.  Part of me wants to strap it on again and show him how it’s done, as well as just for the sheer joy of full contact and the competition.  I know it wouldn’t last long, maybe a play or two, as the mind is willing but the body is fragile.  It’s so much fun to wake up now and start the day with minor pains.  It’ll just keep getting better and better too!

There’s my other reason for not having a big 50 post – who wants to hear somebody crabbing about getting old?  Fortunately the kids keep me busy enough to not give me time and think too much about senioritis.  I’m teaching 3rd grade Sunday school, and it’s been a blessing.  I have no curriculum (for now)  so it gets to be whatever springs from my fertile mind.  I typically get a little under 10 yutes in attendance, and they’re good kids.  They occasionally misbehave but it has not been anything major.  As much as I got to dislike the 3rd-5th grade boys Wed. night class over the last year (dropped it a few months ago) I enjoy and look forward to this Sunday school class.

God is good!


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