Scared … really

11/15/09 at 11:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

My son took the plunge a few months ago and got a Facebook page.  He was then able to con my wife into one as well.  They get to compare how many “friends” they have, as well as the progress they make in Farmville.  It’s all so silly.

I have not had the urge to be another lump on wall for Facebook.  I can understand the appeal, as my wife is able to keep up with family as well as some friends here in town.  She claims she doesn’t have time for stuff, but between Facebook and her Outlook inbox she has been spending more time on-line.  Josh gets to communicate with his friends as well as cousins, which he seems to enjoy.

But that’s not the scary part.  Yesterday he went with his “best buddy” and family to the movies as it was his friend’s birthday.  After the movie he and buddy were hanging out at Books-a-Million as buddy’s dad had to do something at Sears.  Apparently a group of girls about their same age or slightly older then them took notice of the handsome young men and actually “accosted” them.

Buddy panicked and hid in the bathroom.  Josh laughed at them, but when one of the girls tried to hug him he left the area and tried to ditch them.  Eventually, buddy’s older sister caught up with them and seemed to intimidate the girls away.  For some strange reason Josh found the whole experience scary and has made an oath to stay single.  Josh put a memo on his Facebook wall last night where he posted “I was scared, really”.  He expected all of his “friends” to respond and lend their support.

He got up early on a Sunday morning (before 7 am!), showered and checked his wall.  Nobody had written back.  He was very disappointed according to his mom, but did not let on.  All of this reminds me of my early blogging days, back 6-7 years ago.  I was blessed to find a few friends, we had a community (cloud?) of sorts and got to know each other.  It lasted a few years, where more than a handful of fellow bloggers would visit Spudlets as I posted nearly every weekday, sometimes more than once a day.

Seasons change, fads fade, and it got to the point where the community seemed to die off.  There are times I wish we could bring the “old gang” back together.  I suppose with enough effort I could find another community, though I’d have to do the Facebook thing.  No thanks.  I’ll stick to an occasional post every month unless the mood hits me to do more.  Or less.

I hope this can be a lesson for Josh, that friends, particularly online ones, can let you down.  Otherwise I expect that the oath of remaining single will be tested once his hormones start coursing through his veins, and girls his age start to fill out and learn how to torment teenage boys.



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  1. Eek – he’s way too young to have girls hitting on him. And what’s with those girls, anyway?

    People aren’t much different on-line vs. off, but it’s much harder to maintain a connection when you never seen someone in person. I miss the possum-related community as well, though Terry is now on FB and posts once or twice a week over there, just short stuff, but still funny.

    If Kristal needs more FarmVille friends – send her my way -Diane Werle =-)

  2. Kristal told him the girls were “brazen”. When Josh asked what that meant she told him to look it up. I’ll keep trying to teach him survival skills, though I don’t have any direct experience with groups of girls chasing me.

    One of the things I like about blogs is you had to have a little computer savvy (or have someone hold your hand) to set one up. Facebook is just plug and chug, kind of like a fancy IM with pictures. I understand how people like using it, but it’s not for me. Neither is that twittering tweeting thing. Wonder if that makes me old-fashioned …

  3. Yeah, I’m on FB too. I’d never have gotten together with a couple of my high school classmates last time we were up north except for the “miracle” of FB. It’s cool, but it took me a while to join in myself. Paul’s the early adopter in our household!

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