Pretty Good Decade

12/21/09 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Time magazine had this crazy story about this decade being the worst decade “ever”, and I heard about it over at Andrea Harris’ place.  Just so I don’t lose it, I gave my ten reasons for the oughts being a good decade, reprinted below:

Ten Best Things from the Oughts

1. Two of my children were born (yeah, kinda selfish of me)

2. Cheap big screen TV’s in HD

3. Lord of the Rings trilogy – come on, by the time RotK was given an opening date you were already planning on seeing it that weekend, and by the end of it you already went through any napkins you had as you watched the tearful reunion of the Fellowship.

4. Rise of socialization via internet – from blogs to Facebook to Twitter, your circle of friends could grow far beyond family and people you bump into. Of course, flat screen relationships are not very deep 😉 .

5. Peak Oil (2005) – people will have to learn to do with less, as cheap energy is a thing of the past. The ramp-up of commodities (fueled by the price of oil) caused the mortgage bubble to burst, and the yoho’s in Washington still can’t face the music and put our economic ship a’right as they let delinquent mortgages slide.

6. Credit Crisis – learning hard lessons in how we cannot continue to push off paying tomorrow for fleeting pleasure today

7. Post-9/11 – yeah, the attack was severe and many innocent lives were lost. The spirit of cooperation and patriotism had not been seen/felt since WWII, and it snapped many Americans out of their complacency.

8. Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl (yeah, kinda selfish of me, and look how they’ve sunk – well, I’m hoping for a better 2010)

9. Election of Obama – gee, we’re no longer racist since we elected a (semi)black President. Hopefully his single term will show most reasonable voters the folly of voting for a slick speechifier with a thin background/qualifications and maybe, just maybe, liberalism will suffer a deadly blow.

10. Election of Bush – history will show he was the right President for the time. I disliked his playing footsies with the libs and his propensity to let the deficit grow. He asked Americans for sacrifice following 9/11, yet after suffering through the dotcom collapse Americans spent and lived it up like drunken sailors. Some sacrifice …

Setting up Iraq as a Muslim democracy was the best gamble, in spite of the economic and political cost. He took the burden and is still suffering the effects of BDS after about a year out of office.


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  1. I agree that the Bush presidency was a big plus for the decade. I hope that this decade will be remembered as the beginning of the end of brutal authoritarianism in the Muslim world.

    Good list!

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