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I was going to put up a rant on how the US needs to get back to the Constitution by following the Tenth Amendment, where federal powers/programs are eliminated and the states have to pick up the slack, but I was disheartened by a little research.  My hope was that with a President elected by the will of the people to reduce the federal government, the Supreme Court could support the President by using the Tenth Amendment.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

According to past rulings, the Tenth Amendment is regarded as a “truism”, more of a rhetorical device or opinion than a bedrock principle.  If the 10th was followed closely, then the federal government has no business in health care, social security or education, to name a few.  The fear of the Founding Fathers was a federal government running roughshod over the states, and eventually tumbling into despotism/totalitarianism where people would be controlled by one (or a few).  The concept of the three branches of government and regular public elections was their best attempt at checks and balances.

Would they reel in horror if brought back now, seeing a federal government growing out of control and clamping down on an individual’s freedom and liberty?  It’s this outrage that the supposed “tea party” has tapped into, yet it is a difficult battle.  Cal Thomas wrote recently about a Republican second coming:

A Republican majority must teach us again that “you can do it,” like so many of our fathers did when the training wheels came off and we learned we could fly down the sidewalk without assistance.   America doesn’t need restructuring. It needs revival; revival of the principles that made us strong and great; revival of the moral foundation that proved to be our real strength and allowed us to conquer our demons and become independent, not dependent on government.

This is the message most Americans want to hear and need to hear. Will the Republicans deliver it? Is there a leader who can articulate our hopes and in the process withstand the Left’s onslaught that such people are “uncaring”? In fact, liberty is the highest form of caring. It is why we marvel at a bald eagle in flight. It is why we once yearned to breathe free and might yet again.

The answers to society’s problems are not to be solved by the federal government.  They start with the community.  Let each state decide how communities will rule themselves, help people and spend their money on the things they agree on.  Let each state administer health care, education and provisions for elderly care.  We have let the size of federal government fool us into thinking there is a limitless reservoir of funds to right wrongs and show we really “care”.  Instead we have let the federal government take care of things, but it has turned out to be a black hole.  Congressmen and Senators promise the world when people think they have a right to own a house, “free” medical care and a luxurious retirement.

The bill has come due, and we’re getting to the point where we can’t even afford the interest on the debt created by the Free-Ice-Cream feds, let alone get back to a balanced budget.  The only way we have a hope to balance the budget is to cut spending.  Increasing taxes may scare up a few dollars but in the end it crushes freedom, where people either find a way to avoid taxes or don’t even bother doing whatever was being taxed.  Do we really want to give more money to people who have mismanaged it to the point of yearly trillion dollar deficits?  Let people loose to innovate and create – the liberty foundation that got the US to be the most prosperous country in the world, and our best hope of a promising future.  Get the federal leeches back to a focus on their Constitutional duties:  national defense, interstate commerce regulation and arbiter of complaints between states.



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  1. Contemplating multi-cuturalism etc has me thinking about what sort of citizen is needed to sustain a democracy, and I’m not sure that guy lives here. Or in Iraq (though I was all for kicking Saddam Hussein out, and am still a big admirer of W… maybe we were *both* wrong- shocking 😉 )

  2. The type of citizen needed is the rugged individualist, like those who conquered the West, saw opportunities in a free market and worked hard. Instead we extend unemployment benefits and give everyone an extra big safety cushion on mortgages, leaving the taxpayer with the bill.

    There are plenty of people here and in Iraq who want to see a limited federal government, sticking to their respective Constitutions. We just have to find a way here to choke off the federal beast. Iraq has to figure out how to govern three distinct regions as well as divvying up the petroleum gold.

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