Bye Bye Lala

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I’m bummed – was sold to Apple(iTunes) a few months ago and they announced last week that they’re closing the site at the end of May. I took advantage of late last year and I liked their business model. You could listen to a song or album all the way through once for free, and then decide if you wanted to rent or buy the MP3. The “rent” was paying a little bit of money for listening to the music over the internet. For about a dollar I could buy an album’s worth of music, while the MP3’s would run up to $10. An individual song was about a dime to rent. That beats a buck for an MP3!

I usually listen to the radio in the car and have enough CD’s to listen to at work if the mood hits me (not often). I’m not a big fan of MP3’s as the audio quality is poor. By getting a full preview I could listen to old albums I had not heard in a long time (if ever) as well as new music. The last few months have been a reacquaintance with Jethro Tull and Steely Dan. I also heard about an African artist, Dobet Gnahore, on a PBS world music show. I can’t understand a word but she sings right purty, and the rhythyms are downright intoxicating.

The twenty bucks I spent at will be transferred over to iTunes, where I’ll get the privilege of using that money to purchase MP3’s. Oh boy. I have avoided all things Apple in my computer world, to the point where I avoid dowloading Quicktime. I’ve dinked around with a few Apple computers, but they don’t do much for me. I’m no Micro$oft fan boy, but I know it well enough to get around, and I enjoy working with computer hardware. I suppose the music world is changing where individual songs are downloaded, but I’m old enough to appreciate albums and the diversity of music some artists could pack into an album. Some could tell a story as well, and it’s a shame that seems to be lost now.

Everyone wants to burn their own CD’s and choose various songs for an “album”, as if they’re some DJ with a special mix touch. I can’t afford to buy a whole download of an (MP3) album, so I’ll end up choosing a few songs and lamenting those that are missing. Time moves on without me, and I’ll have to take a bite of Apple too. Uggh.


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