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We spent a short week (Mon-Wed) up in the mountains, staying at a cabin midway between Brevard and Hendersonville. It was a nice place, with a pretty good location for doing mountain-y things. We wanted to see a few waterfalls, and the area is chock-full of them. We even took an afternoon to head all the way to Highlands. It may not look like a long drive, but the twisty mountain roads can wear you down. I’m not a big fan of Highlands/Cashiers, as there are too many rich folk with their way of controlling things.

I found myself hoping for the best as far as the kids behaving and enjoying the time, and for the most part they had fun. The things they do to aggravate you at home still get tucked into the vacation pack. Josh (12 y.o.) likes to play both sides: old teen who can take care of himself and the kid who goofs around. He’s big enough to bully the younger two around, and unfortunately he enjoys it a little too much so it keeps me on my toes. Like many kids he gets temporarily bored and looks to create mayhem. Sandy (6 y.o.) has been improving but can still get stuck in the 3 y.o. wanting her way and will scream until she gets it. She had to “get it” after one episode the other night.

About a week ago I used a “Shrek” glass (from McD’s) at dinner. We usually keep them up but I wanted to use it, since I like to live dangerously 😉 every once in awhile. When she saw it she stared at it intensely, and then finally said something about them having poison. I suppose we had told her about the paint having some bad ingredients, but I don’t recall saying anything dire. The whole recall was a sham, as it would take very peculiar circumstances to build up enough Cd or whatever it was in the paint to even register in somebody’s blood. Seems like folks have been using painted/decorated glasses for years and not falling by the wayside due to heavy metals in the paint.

Well, enough on the tangent. Today we had planned on stopping in Hiddenite (on the way home) to pan for another heavy metal, gold, and some gemstones, but we were struck down by a bad tire. Fortunately it did not blow, just lost a hunk of tread, so I was able to limp it off the interstate to a parking lot and had the “pleasure” of putting on the spare in near 100 degree weather. It was a “temporary” tire, so Kristal insisted on not driving on the interstate (keep it at 50 mph or below) and finding a tire store to replace the tire. God blessed us with finding a place that took all of ten minutes to put on a used tire for $15 just before 5 pm. We ended up killing two hours over the tire incident so it was no panning, just head home. The kids took the news fairly well, as most kids love to hunt for treasure.


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