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It’s the end of the month, end of the year, and according to some the end of the decade (depends on how you count). Fortunately we do not have to hoard supplies and live in fear of the sky falling in like Y2K. No, we just have to worry about Uncle Obama and his cohorts prying open our wallets to finance their “recovery”. It will probably be the state governments we have to worry about more, though some are in such bad shape that the feds may have to come in and take over. God help us if they try that power grab. Well, enough political rumblin …

– Took the family to see “The Dawn Treader” Narnia movie, and about $50 later we were fairly entertained. Out of the three Narnia films it was probably my favorite: good pacing, interesting story, pretty good effects (though seeing it in 2D would have been fine by me) and a beautiful ending. The film itself had less Christian imagery/linkage than the other two, except for the ending. I won’t spoil it, but the ending was sufficiently beautiful for a few tears to squeeze past my old soft eyes.

– Had the talk with the oldest (12 y.o.) boy yesterday, taking him out to lunch at Chili’s. You know, THE talk. I was not so much nervous but mad… mad that my dad did not have the talk with me, mad that I spent my teen years in a shell. It seemed to go OK, though I was not comfortable going into much details during lunch as they kept seating families with kids next to our booth, so the meat of the talk was on the drive home. There will be more talks, and hopefully the lines of communication will be kept open.

– We got snow on Christmas, but unfortunately for the kids it started after dark, so we missed out on a “white Christmas”. They had fun playing the next morning and made a fairly substantial snowman. Unfortunately, when I went out to photograph the kids I dropped and broke the camera. Our camcorder is out of tapes (yeah, it’s digital). I (Santa) got a cheapo Kodak video recorder for Kristal, but it had not been charged. By the time it was charged the kids were about ready to come in. Oh well.

– Our desktop PC died about a week ago. I figured it needed another PSU, so in the process of ordering it I also got a few other toys: a replacement camera, some new headphones (mine died about two weeks ago) for $15 that have OK sound, and a refurb Zune player for a certain birthday girl, so don’t tell her! I did a little research and like the Zune Pass setup, where for $15/month you get unlimited transfers and 10 songs a month to keep as download MP3’s. I should be able to set up different playlists, so the boy and I can listen to music off of the PC as well. As long as it is NOT iTunes I’m happy, though the birthday girl thinks she wants an iPad thingy (need to get her thinking straight). I’d rather give money to the Microsoft monolith than the Apple snobs. And I mean snob in the nicest way, really I do. 🙂

Will this blog continue into next year? Will there be more than a post a month? Why bother when nobody, well almost nobody, comes to visit? Stay tuned for exciting, or maybe not so exciting, notices to come.



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  1. I have you in my reader, and do notice when a post comes up =)

    Don’t you hate how everything breaks at once? And yes, Apple is a snob, and they (the company) think everyone is stupid and should do things only their way (sounds familiar – the gov’t?). But I still like my ipod.

    Hard to believe oldest is old enough to need “the talk”. From what little you’ve said, the younger two are assimilating nicely (though not without challenges) into their forever family? Still pray for them from time to time.

    Need to go get ready for a laid back NYE party…almost want to stay homE!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I should do one of those reader RSS thingies someday… hey, that can be a New Years resolution! As far as stuff breaking, I didn’t even get into the vehicles. Ah well, you gotta pay to play.

    For the oldest, he’s physically mature enough to make babies, though far from emotionally mature. He has his Facebook site and since he started public school he lists a new girlfriend about every week. I suppose part of it is “new kid” curiousity from the chicas. I joked with him about kissing a girl at a movie and he seemed somewhat horrified, so it may be awhile until he gets to the more serious stuff.

    As far as Joey and Sandy, I keep trying and believe the relationships are getting better. I got an “unprovoked” kiss from Sandy the other day, as well as a few I love you’s. Joey is a tougher nut to crack, so I thank God for the patience He’s given me. The great joy they give me more than makes up for the difficult times.

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