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With Netflix, we get to watch a few movies, especially when I remember to mail the old ones back. That’s what I like best about Netflix. There’s no big pressure to return a movie, having to get in the car at night to return a movie you forgot about, or worse having to pay late fees. Even with the library, we (ahem, my lovely wife) end up paying a bunch of money with “forgotten” movies. It seems movies from the library will have bad skips on the DVD’s, so you can occasionally miss the final ten minutes of a tense movie, so with Netflix we don’t have to bother with crappy library copies. Only one Netflix DVD has given us a problem in the half year we’ve been members.

We enjoy the streaming too, especially for the kids. What I don’t like about Netflix is the wait you have for new releases. I’ve also noticed that the studios have provided Netflix with special “rental” versions that make you sit through previews and commercials before you can get to the main menu. Aggravating. Anyhow, here’s some quick reviews of movies this month, starting from the most recently viewed:

Letters to God: (streamed) A seven-tissue weeper about a 10 y.o. boy with brain cancer and his special way of communicating with God. Excellent movie, particularly for those who have a heart for God.

Despicable Me: Cute movie about a wanna-be super-villian. It took a much different track than what I expected. Let’s just say he finds what is most important in life. Kids seemed to enjoy it, and it was OK for me.

The A-Team: Silly movie, but if you enjoy some action, guy-bonding and improbable scenes, then this one is for you. I have trouble seeing Aslan as a tough-guy action hero, and the Mr. T character was not in enough scenes.

The Illusionist: Set in turn of the 20th century Austria (but they all speak English thankfully), this turned out to be the surprise of the month, in a good way. Well paced-written-acted, you follow the story of a boy who happens on an old magician that changes his life, his magic skills help him to find and “romance” a girl from a rich family, then loses her. He comes back grown-up to find her again. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s one of those movies you can watch again and get more from it.

Shrek Forever After: #4 in the series and supposedly the last, unless their kids get into more ogre hijinx. Kids seemed to enjoy it but it seemed to be written more for adults, as the message was somewhat “A Wonderful Life”-ish. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Kids with their short-attention span don’t appreciate the message all that much, but the movie had some cute entertaining parts in between the peril

Nanny McPhee Returns: I’m at a loss to describe how bad this movie was. It seemed to try hard and was professionally made, but it was one of those experiences when you wonder how you let those two hours of your life get by. I don’t think we’ll be seeing anymore Nanny movies.

Local Hero: A movie from the 80’s about a big oil company looking for a refinery location off the coast of Scotland. I enjoyed it but my wife only somewhat. She had a problem with the ending and wanted to know who the “local hero” was, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

Inception: Interesting movie about the power of the mind and where it could take you. I ordinarily detest time travel themes in movies, and this one came close but I suppose they didn’t really “time-travel”. Or did they? I was amazed at the mind of someone who originally wrote the thing. Supposed to be Oscar-worthy … maybe.

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