Dreams of Reclining

2/23/11 at 10:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

It’s been a couple of months, but I (or should I say we) got rid of my recliner a few months ago and still have not replaced it. Yet. Kristal got it for me on Father’s Day a few years ago. It was big, red and somewhat sturdy, though the pull mechanism for releasing the footrest did not last long. She probably found it somewhere for a reasonable price, and it was OK. It did not match anything in the living room.

We still have a “love” seat and sofa for sittin’, but they are not very comfortable. I suppose it’s just as well, as if I had someplace comfortable to recline I would spontaneously nap. I’ve always advocated that home is where the lazy-boy is at, so it has felt like a time of drifting for me. We’re discussing the acquisition of a sectional, combining a recliner or two with a sofa. I would just like to be able to put my feet up and be comfortable after a hard day in the server room. Whew, those server rooms can take a lot out of you 😉 .

Hopefully Uncle Sam will still have a little money left to send a tax refund my way, though with the federal govt. shutdown looming, I may want to get the form in the mail pronto. Ah heck, they just print more, so why worry?

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