He had to go …

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No not me, the cat. About a fortnight ago I had to be the heavy and get rid of a heavy cat. Smoky was brought into the Taterbed in spite of my protests. He was brought in gradually about a year and a half ago. First he was fed outside but stayed outside, then he was brought in when the weather was bad, and then he was made a “house” cat, even though we already had one in the house. Once in the house he was taken to the vet and “de-toed”.

Without front claws he had no way of defending himself, so he was supposed to stay inside but would sneak out whenever given the chance. I should back up – he was one of the cast-offs from a neighbor who keeps outdoor cats and does not believe in fixing them. Smoky’s brothers/sisters occasionally visit. A few months ago, with winter in full force, it was too cold for him to sneak out, and the kids did a better job of stopping him.

I think he got a little pissed off about being cooped up. Even though he had free reign of a litter box, he showed his displeasure by pissing/pooping in Joey’s closet as well as any blanket or coat that happened to be left on the floor. It got to the point where I was not going to put up with the stink, and Kristal agreed. Unfortunately Joey took it very hard (the other two got over it fairly quickly) and it took him several day to stop crying about it. Joey has a soft heart when it comes to animals, both stuffed and living.

My #1 rule of the house (but not Kristal’s!) is “the less animals the better”. I think Kristal is getting sufficiently tired of litter boxes and pet hair that she’s starting to come around to my side, though she loves animals. She still will state her wish to have a “big” dog like a Great Dane every now and then. I’m guessing the next critter in the house will be a low-to-no shed animal, once the other animals are no longer breathing.


Movie Reviews Feb_11

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Didn’t make it out to the movies/cinema this month, and the TV was down for a week (much to Kristal’s delight). We have a 50″ DLP, and after three years the bulb finally blew. The replacement (~$150) bulb took awhile to arrive, so we had to be content with computers and … um … whatchamacallits, oh yeah, books. I read a quick biography on Teddy Roosevelt, and mister we could use a man like TR again. Obumma is like the anti-TR.

Well, back to movie reviews. We watched the second half of the Valentine’s Hallmark movie with Betty White and long-neck Love-Hewitt. It had its moments, but I’m glad I only saw half of them. Betty White sobbing over a coffin was a little distressing. Otherwise, the Netflix DVD shipments were light, where we are still working through the 4 disc collection of Bugs Bunny cartoons. It was neat to see the kids laugh at some of the same things I watched at their age.

Julie and Julia (stream Netflix) – This turned out to be much more entertaining than I had anticipated. Streep did a great job portraying Child, as she was literally larger than life. It would have been easy to “parodize” Childs as many are wont to do, but she portrayed a joy of life that touched nearly everything Child did. I also knew well the tears she gave when she found out her sister was pregnant, as she and her husband never had children. The other part of the movie, Julie cooking the recipes of Julia in year, was OK, but not nearly as engrossing as the Julia parts of the movie.

Lawrence of Arabia (library DVD) – I had previously viewed this movie several years ago, but this was the first time on my big screen TV, and the cinematography was stunning. Peter O’Toole played it over the top, but the movie kept your interest for most of the 3 1/2 hours. I found it interesting to compare how things are now in “Arabia” as compared to what was portrayed in the picture, and how big a player the Turks were back then. Most Americans have little appreciation for how the tribalism has shaped that society and affects the choices they make, both in the past and now.

State Fair (library DVD) – This was overdue so I had to hurry and watch it on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a very enjoyable musical, great for the whole family though most kids will lose interest after about ten minutes, unfortunately. We’ll probably get it again as Kristal did not get a chance to see it this time, though she has seen it before.

Dune (stream Netflix) – Finally stayed awake through the whole thing. It has some interesting moments, and the symbolism/comparison to Christianity is a little “unsubtle”. The story also had me relate spice to oil, and how much we depend on petroleum yet have little control on the supply. Wonder if the book is any better? (Please don’t answer, I was trying to be a little funny.)

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