Post-Easter Ponderins

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I had a heck of an Easter weekend, but after seeing what happened in Alabama I should be counting my blessings. Three hundred dead from one storm system – just incredible. About two weeks ago a storm system caused extensive damage in NC. Fortunately the bad storm cell stayed south of me, swinging up into Sanford and then Raleigh. My in-laws live south of Raleigh, and one of the mobile-home parks hit bad was about seven miles from them. All of this destruction makes you wonder what’s goin’ on …

Last week the son of a friend from work and church was killed in a car accident. He was 33 and left two small children and a wife. Attending the funeral last Saturday was one of the most difficult things I’ve done. Not only did I feel terribly for the friend and what she is going through, but it caused me to visit the fear I keep locked away, the fear that parents avoid talking about. I know God would not want to hear a suggestion from me, but if I had to nominate another commandment, it would be “Thou shalt not be made to bury one of your children”. Not only did a mom have to bury her son, but he also left behind grandparents. I can’t imagine that anguish either.

I know we live in an imperfect, fallen world, and we celebrate Easter as Jesus giving us victory over death. It still hurts.

On Sunday we had a ham baking in the oven while we were at church. Due to my bad planning, the pan holding the ham was not quite deep enough, so some stuff spilled onto the bottom of the oven. We came home to a smokey house and had to scramble to get a proper lunch ready. The weather was OK to open the doors and air out the house. I decided for supper to not take a chance so we went to Wendy’s, topped with a Frosty dessert. Yum.

Earlier that morning my lovely and talented wife placed eggs (that we had filled the previous night) out on the front lawn while still in her nightgown. She claims nobody honked. The kids also got a basket of candy, and I instructed them on the proper chocolate bunny technique: you have to nibble off the ears first so they can’t hear the screaming as you get the rest of ’em.

For now I’m looking forward to resuming our normal Sunday School routine with the road to Emmaus, and asking them: What happens next? It’s the question of a lifetime.

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