Hard Times

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Nobody likes to hear people crabbin’ on a blog, but (and there’s always a but) who else is going to listen? The legions, or should I say throngs, to this site would surely grant me this tiny exception. I’m posting now to keep my monthly pace, though my heart is not in it. I found out a few months ago about a site called spudlets dot com, knew what they did (shill for office supplies) and that I had someone scamming my Web-name, yet it seems to be bothering me more now then it did back then.

Several years ago I spent the money and had that site registered in my name. I enjoyed blogging back then and thought I could stake a little puff of the cloud. Life interfered, things got dropped, interests changed and I let the domain name slide. I don’t know how someone thinks spudlets is a good name for an office supplies site. Maybe they saw some returns on google based on all of my previous internet “work”. Anyhow, it’s sticking in my craw, as I felt like I had established the name for myself. Goes to show you what happens in the unregulated WWW – long may it stay free (unless you want to register a domain name).

Hard times now are courtesy of my “brood”. If it’s not the teenager testing us and complaining about his “lack” of everything, it’s the girl lying and misbehaving or the younger boy having a hard time getting along with his brother or sister. We recently joined the Y and thought we could take advantage of the family swim night. I don’t like to swim in the pool, but Kristal wanted to take a water aerobics class while the kids swam. It turned out Sandy was the only one swimming as the boys wanted to go to the racquetball court (and me chaperoning). Apparently Sandy needed more supervision, as she was spitting pool water on some lady, and kept on doing it even after the woman told her to stop.

After we got home we had the “family meeting”, and unfortunately both Sandy and Joey (who got in some trouble as well) decided they didn’t want to listen, so I had to discipline them. They were sent to bed early, and through the crying they hollered that they don’t want us to be their parents. After over 4 years we’re still getting this sh*t, and it’s very discouraging. I’m tired of the little misbehaviors, having to repeat myself, and at the least we will have children who behave. If it means I don’t get love in return, then that’s the cost. I get a better appreciation of how God our Father pours His heart out to us and we stomp on it in return.

I feel like the worst parent in the world. Hopefully tomorrow morning new mercies I’ll recieve.


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