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I’m going to try again, just so that I write stuff down somewhere and maybe have a chance to read it again years from now. The days fly by quickly when kids are running around and you’re trying to keep up – especially when you’re old enough to be their grandparents. I re-read my last post and I seemed angrier than I actually was. At least, I think I was.

I’ve decided on making “Time Postages”. I thought about time stamps, posting, time passages and came up with this. They will be stamps of what’s going on, on on-line of the stuff I’m wrestling with and maybe overcoming. From my last post, we’re still YMCA members, though I’m the only one going now. I’m a tai-chi disciple and take classes twice a week. It has helped me and I look forward to getting the muscle memory where I can do rather than think the moves. Tai-chi is basically a slow-motion dance, so you have to know the steps in order enjoy the moves.

The kids are still the kids. Josh has been in public middle school (8th) for about a year, but he’s going back to homeschooling this week. We can’t get a satisfactory answer from him on why he’s changed his mind, but Kristal is semi-thrilled to have him back. She was very sad to see him go to public school last year, but sometimes things have to be experienced, i.e. what it’s like on the other side of the fence. The grass was apparently not as green.

Joey has some anger-management issues. There are times where I think I’m getting a little closer to him, and then others where it’s obvious he’d rather be back with his birth parents (regardless of the safety). He saved money from his birthday last month and along with other funds was able to get a 3rd gen iPod on eBay for $100. He lost it last week when he had a meltdown with Kristal and she confiscated the iPod.

We’re still wrestling with stealing/lieing problems for Sandy. She is still of the mind that if she sees something and wants it she’ll take it, denying everything if caught. She can also bring such joy too. She is going to public school (2nd) and has to get up early to catch the bus at 6:35 am! She’s been very good at getting up and ready, and it’s given us time to share together. I actually got a spontaneous “I love you” from her the other day. We still have a long uphill battle with her, as she’s very headstrong and immature.

One day at a time.


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