Hot Times

6/30/12 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Three straight triple digit days … mmph. Kristal told me Josh doesn’t like this kind of summer and prefers winters, so he may be headed up north when he’s “emanicpated” (can figure out how to survive on his own). Once he has experienced a bad winter of snow-ice that doesn’t go away and sub-zero temperatures he might change his mind.

I’m just glad we didn’t get the damaging storms like they had up in VA. We could use the rain, though.



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  1. When we get into the depth of winter, he’s welcome to come visit for a few days. I’ll have him stand on the shore, with the northeast wind coming off of Lake Michigan, his feet in eight inches of snow. That should change his mind.

    How goes everything? I think/pray for you every so often, as the Lord leads. You’ll be happy (and probably surprised) to find out I’m now in a charismatic church…long story, but the best preaching I’ve heard in years, and wonderful people.

  2. I was going to leave a message at your site, but I see you Twitter and I’m just not into that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that ,,,

    “Everything” is going OK, with the usual old age stuff nobody wants to hear about and the increasing cost of living with no relief in sight. Having a know-it-all teen can be a joy. I’d send him up north but he’d just hang out in Chicago. Maybe I’ll send him for a summer to stay with one of his aunties (hee hee).

    Thank you for the prayers. I post here just to have a site on the web, yet my heart is not into blogging like it used to be. I miss the old times of having e-friends, but seasons change. I am heartened to hear about the charismatic church home for you. Continue to seek His will as you plug into Holy Spirit power. I believe that is what Jesus wants for us.

    Hope you’re enjoying all the fun going on in the dairy state. May this be the season the Bears rightfully reclaim their spot on top of the NFC. Only two months to real games … only two months … only two months (sigh).

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