Init. Lessons


1 Kings 18:18-40  story of Elijah “competing” against Baals for sacrifice on temples, seeing who’s God would answer

  • Who do you follow?  Why?
  • Was seeing is believing? 
  • Did everyone believe in God afterwards?  Only those who were there?

**  Difference between what God asks you to do vs. doing things on your own power.

>  TASK:  split kids into two groups, compete on who can stack playing cards the highest (house of cards), afterwards have leader take deck in his hands, mumble a few words, then drop cards to tabletop – tell them he tried to stack cards on his own.  If God had asked him to do it then He would have arranged the cards by His power.

If time give more background on prophet Elijah – DEFINE Prophet:  one who hears from God and does/proclaims what He tells him.

WRAP UP:  Difference between telling God vs. hearing/obeying God (as well as asking)



>  If enough kids, re-enact scene from Acts 16 where the “possessed” girl bothers Paul & Silas as they try to witness to various groups of kids.  Ask them how they felt about the girl and if their “witness” was effective.

Acts 16:16-40  Give background on Phillipi

vv 16-24 read

  • What was their crime?  Describe the girl
  • How could she make money?  demon-possessed, fortune teller – was she a prophet?
  • v. 16 starts with “we” – who was we?  Who wrote Acts?  Was Luke arrested?  Was he witnessing/preaching?
  • How/why did God allow this to happen to the men of God, His servants?  Good people?

>  If possible give example of beating they took with wood rods, describe punishment they took?  Had they been tried and convicted?

vv 25-32

  • What would you do after something like that happened?  Was it just an earthquake?
  • Did the jailer experience a miracle?  Stress his reaction from v. 30:  what must I do to be saved?

<  Show video song from Ray Boltz “Praise the Lord”

vv 33-40

  • Paul and Silas went from beating/imprisonment to hosting/caring
  • Rights of a Roman citizen
  • Humbled the city officials
  • It’s OK to stand up for your rights

WRAP-UP:  No matter what tomorrow brings, what it has in store – I will praise the Lord.  God is interested in our journey and how we react to the difficulties we encounter.  Do we rely on Him?  Are we praising Him throughout?


ORIGINAL SIN (Adam and Eve in Genesis  9/13)


  • How much of earth’s surface covered by water?  70%
  • What % body weight is water?  60% men, 55% women (higher fat content causes lower water)
  • How long can you go without drinking?  7 days
  • Water formed before life created Gen. 1:6-10
  • Noah and the flood Gen 6
  • Moses getting water from rock Ex 17

– Where did people first build towns?  By a river.  Where was Jesus baptized – why should we be baptized – why was Jesus baptized?

< Show video song Ray Boltz “I Go to the River”

– John 3:5  “born of water and spirit”

–  John 4:1-30 Samaritan women at the well  Jesus — word — living water

> Show Gospel of John video of John 4 passage

–  If time, discuss 1 Corinthians 10:1-5

WRAP-UP:  Water is essential for life, Jesus showed us that He is the living water, that we will never thirst when we take him in.  Remember John the Baptist used water, while Jesus baptizes with fire (he’s more than just living water).


WHO ARE YOU?  (12/13)

What do you believe about your family?  Have you met your grandparents, great-grandparents?  It’s good to know your heritage, but that’s not the only thing that defines you.  Your relationship with the Lord is a big factor as well.

>  Show your family tree, see if anyone else will volunteer to show their family tree.

Matthew 1:1-17 (teacher read)  Discuss importance of Jews to trace family history, how they taught by oral tradition.

Matt 1:18-25, 2:1-14  Examples of God working, review how Matthew stresses “fulfilling prophecy”.  Bible is broken up into three parts:  OT (points to Jesus), Gospels (describe Jesus life), NT (details affect of Jesus).  God has a plan for our life, and it is up to us to find the clues He give us by his grace.

>  Watch video “Gospel of Matthew”  (Matthew teaching the children, relationship of Mary and Joseph, fulfillment of Scripture)

**  Ask students to talk with their grandparents at Christmas and see if they can tell them how they spent their Christmas when they were their age.


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